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by: havascript.com admin // June 27, 2017   ( ) {

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Cross Browser Bookmark Script

by: havascript.com admin // November 16, 2007   ( ) {

Need: A cross browser bookmark script.

Problem: IE 7’s handling of the window.external object and the errors that result from using it. Most cross browser scripts that I’ve come across utilize this object within and I find the resulting client side error unacceptable.

My cobbled solution:
<a href=”#” rel=”sidebar” onclick=”if(document.all && !window.opera){ alert(’Havascript.com\n\n Thanks for attempting to bookmark us…\n …but you have to do it the old fashion, manual way in IE.’); return false; }else{ this.title = document.title; }” onMouseover=”window.status=’Bookmark Havascript.com’;return true” onMouseout=”window.status=”;return true” title=”Bookmark Havascript.com”>Bookmark!</a>

Live example:

Firefox: Initiates bookmark console
Opera: Initiates bookmark console
IE7: Initiates Alert box explaining that bookmarking must be done manually, but at least there is no error and it establishes the process in the visitors mind most probably resulting in a bookmark.

- This is one single line of code and may be placed inline any existing HTML document.
- The onMousever events as well as the title attribute may be omitted to shorten the script if desired.
- The “\n” markup in the alert object are line breaks. “\n\n” is a double line break.

Should anyone have a better solution, please post.

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Internet Explorer 7 Favicon Display Problem

by: havascript.com admin // October 30, 2007   ( ) {

It was unusually difficult finding a solution to the IE7 favicon display issue, but I finally cobbled one together on my own,… at least it works for me. It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but it works.

Make sure that you have a valid favicon.ico icon file and that it is uploaded in the root directory.

First, add the following meta tag in the <head> portion of your document:
<link rel=”shortcut icon” href=”http://your-domain.com/favicon.ico” />
This is needed in most cases for Firefox too.

Next, delete IE7’s history and temporary files cache (Tools > Internet Options)

Lastly, close all open sessions of IE7 and restart your browser. You should see your favicon now.

I’ve had to do this on numerous browsers on various machines and it has always worked for me. Why,… I don’t know…

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Spam-Free E-Mail Links Using Javascript

by: havascript.com admin // March 17, 2007   ( ) {

It’s always handy to add an e-mail link as a convenient means by which visitors can make contact with a webmaster, but with the ever increasing scurge of spambots it’s wise to consider alternative ways to accomplish this. One way is by using Javascript using the following code:

<script language=”Javascript” type=”text/javascript”>
function nospam(name,domain) {
  thisLocation = “mailto:” + name + “@” + domain;
  document.location = thisLocation;

Basic link:
<a href=”javascript:nospam(’name-here’,'domain-here.com’)”>e-mail</a>

These variables need to be defined in the link code:
‘name-here’ - the portion of your e-mail address before the “@”
‘domain-here.com’ - the portion of your e-mail address after the “@”

Advanced link:
<a href=”javascript:nospam(’name-here’,'domain-here.com?subject=’)” title=”" onMouseover=”window.status=’ ‘;return true” onMouseout=”window.status=’ ‘;return true”>e-mail</a>

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TrayColor - HTML Color Utility

by: havascript.com admin // March 16, 2007   ( ) {

TrayColorTrayColor dates back 10 years, but I still use this utility with almost every new project. This is not a sexy piece of software,… it’s a stand-alone utility with a singular purpose, but therein lies its beauty as it performs its purpose simply and beautifully. Using the color picker you can grab any color from any visible window on your screen and retrieve its HTML value to use in your design.

TrayColor is free to use. CLICK HERE to visit TrayColor.com and download.

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Clear Your XP Desktop

by: havascript.com admin // March 15, 2007   ( ) {

The XP desktop can be completely cleared but still have easy, faster and more convenient access to those same desktop items.

First - RIGHT-Click on the taskbar > Go to Toolbars > Select New Toolbar… > Highlight Desktop at the top and click OK. The new Desktop toolbar should be visible on the taskbar.

Next - RIGHT-Click on the taskbar and unlock the taskbar if it’s not already. Mouseover the divider bar just to the left of the new “Desktop” toolbar and drag it as far to the right as it will go. When this is accomplished you should see “Desktop >>”. When you click the “>>” icon the contents of your desktop will cascade up. If there are many items on your desktop you may have to mouseover the scrollbar arrow at the bottom to see all of the available items. RIGHT-Click and lock the taskbar and you’re done with this stage.

Lastly - Go to your desktop > RIGHT-Click on the desktop > Arrange Icons By > Deselect “Show Desktop Icons”. This completes the process. Now your desktop will nice and clear with its contents less susceptible to wondering eyes.

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Expandable Folder Shortcuts Anywhere

by: havascript.com admin // March 14, 2007   ( ) {

RIGHT-click and drag any folder into any menu (or its corresponding folder) and choose Create Shortcut(s) Here.

This is particularly useful for placing expandable folders in your Start menu and Send To folder. In the event of adding an expandable folder to your Start menu, Open Windows Explorer and choose the folder you wish to add. RIGHT-click and drag down to your Start button. The Start menu will expand at which point you can place your new shortcut anywhere you’d like.

I added a shortcut to my C: drive in my Send To folder and now I can transfer files anywhere I wish. There is another way to send files to any folder using the Send To command which I will address in an upcoming post…

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Perpetual Copyright Date

by: havascript.com admin // March 13, 2007   ( ) {

I’m an amateur developer who has a dozen or two websites polluting cyberspace and the last thing that I want to do the first week of any new year is to spend my time FTPing copyright updates. Not updating copyright statements with the current year has the effect of having the site look unkept and could conceivably compromise your legal rights.

Consequently, I compiled this tiny Javascript to do the work for me:

<script language=”Javascript”>
// Perpetual Copyright Date
var mydate=new Date()
var year=mydate.getYear()
if (year < 1000) year+=1900
document.write(”Copyright © 1996 - “+year+”")

The document.write statement can be edited to suit your own needs. I’ve used it on this site and can be reviewed by viewing the source.

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Using Javascript For Headers And Footers…

by: havascript.com admin // March 12, 2007   ( ) {

Many people don’t realize that Javascript can be used to call external documents such as headers, footers, navigation, etc. - much in the same way SSI is utilized. The main disadvantage is that the code within the external document being called must have no line breaks,… i.e.:




This HTML code is then placed within a Javascript document.write statement like this:


The external document is saved as a .txt file (i.e. footer.txt) and is called using a Javascript tag like this:

<script language=”javascript” type=”text/javascript” src=”footer.txt”></script>

There is an excellent tutorial that can be found at NetMechanic.com.  The main advantage of using this method is that it can be used in almost any circumstance whereas SSI may not depending upon the webhost.

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FREE .TK Domain Names

by: havascript.com admin // March 12, 2007   ( ) {


Register FREE .TK domains

.TK is the ccTLD extension of a small South Pacific Island nation called Tokelau. When you register a domain you have the option of registering for free, or for paying for a minimum of a two year registration. Free registrations requires either a banner ad be placed in a frameset above your active page, or a popup ad will be displayed. Free registrations include URL forwarding and e-mail forwarding. You may register as many free domains as you’d like, but they require that you have a minimum of 25 visitors within any 90 day time period. Paid registration starts at $19.90 USD for a two year period. There are no ad requirements with paid registrations and you have the same rights as you would with any other ccTLD domain including the right to sell.

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