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FREE .TK Domain Names

by: havascript.com admin // March 12, 2007   ( ) {


Register FREE .TK domains

.TK is the ccTLD extension of a small South Pacific Island nation called Tokelau. When you register a domain you have the option of registering for free, or for paying for a minimum of a two year registration. Free registrations requires either a banner ad be placed in a frameset above your active page, or a popup ad will be displayed. Free registrations include URL forwarding and e-mail forwarding. You may register as many free domains as you’d like, but they require that you have a minimum of 25 visitors within any 90 day time period. Paid registration starts at $19.90 USD for a two year period. There are no ad requirements with paid registrations and you have the same rights as you would with any other ccTLD domain including the right to sell.

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