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Clear Your XP Desktop

by: havascript.com admin // March 15, 2007   ( ) {

The XP desktop can be completely cleared but still have easy, faster and more convenient access to those same desktop items.

First - RIGHT-Click on the taskbar > Go to Toolbars > Select New Toolbar… > Highlight Desktop at the top and click OK. The new Desktop toolbar should be visible on the taskbar.

Next - RIGHT-Click on the taskbar and unlock the taskbar if it’s not already. Mouseover the divider bar just to the left of the new “Desktop” toolbar and drag it as far to the right as it will go. When this is accomplished you should see “Desktop >>”. When you click the “>>” icon the contents of your desktop will cascade up. If there are many items on your desktop you may have to mouseover the scrollbar arrow at the bottom to see all of the available items. RIGHT-Click and lock the taskbar and you’re done with this stage.

Lastly - Go to your desktop > RIGHT-Click on the desktop > Arrange Icons By > Deselect “Show Desktop Icons”. This completes the process. Now your desktop will nice and clear with its contents less susceptible to wondering eyes.

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